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RE: Current standards/criteria for 'Undefined Behavior'

Who is responsible for deciding how big/risky or small/minor a given 
issue is? I wouldn't want that job.

The problem is those present on the board call might think an issue is 
"small" and inconsequential. Those that might find a big problem in a 
small thing might not be present on a given call to raise such a 
concern. This is where there is value in sending a short email to the 
list to keep everyone looped in. We have had some examples of this in 
the past with changes to CVE status, impacts on downstream consumers, 


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> On Fri, 2017-07-07 at 18:49 +0000, Coffin, Chris wrote:
> > One worry in going this route would be that we'd never actually make
> > any decisions on the Board calls and the value of them could be
> > greatly diminished.
> I understand and applaud the drive to get things done and decided.
> On the other hand, for some decisions, more time to think things 
> through
> and leverage the input of the entire board would be wise.
> Board calls are the perfect place to make decisions too minor, or 
> irrelevant to
> the board's interests, for the entire board to get involved, for 
> efficiency's
> sake.  I think it's a judgment call to decide which decisions can be 
> done on the
> calls.  However, CVE assignment policy decisions are of interest to 
> the entire
> board.  My point is that splitting the difference in the middle, and 
> having
> some categories of decisions flagged for mailing list discussions, 
> may be close
> to optimal.
> Pascal

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