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RE: Current standards/criteria for 'Undefined Behavior'

On Fri, 7 Jul 2017, Coffin, Chris wrote:

: Yes. We discussed on a Board call and decided to discontinue 
: for undefined behavior issues.

A couple things:

1. Which call? I do not see this topic in the meeting minutes for the 
three meetings.

2. If a new policy is implemented based on a conference call, it would 
benefit everyone if it was more clearly stated in the meeting minutes, 
it should also be posted directly to the list under a new thread.

3. There are issues I bring up on list, that are then discussed almost 
exclusively on the calls with a fraction of the board present. The gist 
the discussion and even the final disposition are not always included 
the minutes, and not brought to the list. That leaves emails to the 
list that appear to be unaddressed in any fashion. Since the list is 
public, this is not a good external perception for MITRE or the Board.


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