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Re: Juniper to be added to the official list of CNAs

Carsten wrote:
"Some of us are in quite different timezones (myself is GMT+1), which 
makes it more challenging to attend board calls. Voting on calls would, 
therefore, make it much harder for current and future board members in 
EMEA and APAC to have any influence on decisions made."

Currently the next Board call will occur on May 5th at 2:00 PM until 
4:00 PM EDT.  That would be a six hour difference for you so it would 
be  8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  While I know this is later than normal 
working days. Will this be an on-going problem for you to be able to 
participate in?

I am not sure we have any members in APAC.  As I mentioned, "If 
geography is an issue for board members then I suggest we understand 
the locations members are in so we can look at potentially rescheduling 
the calls to make it possible for all to have a better opportunity to 

Are there others outside the US that have an issue with the time the 
recurring meeting is scheduled?

Kent Landfield

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