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Re: Juniper to be added to the official list of CNAs

Just to be clear.... Voting on CNAs has not occurred in the past. Or at 
least not that I can remember. I see no reason to start now.

I agree official votes should be on the list for items we have 
previously agreed to vote on but rough consensus on board calls is more 
than enough for most other items.

I personally would not want to start voting on everything  as that 
would just slow the effort down greatly at a time when rapid 
improvements are needed.

If geography is an issue for board members then I suggest we understand 
the locations members are in so we can look at potentially rescheduling 
the calls to make it possible for all to have a better opportunity to 

Kent Landfield
Intel Corporation

On Apr 23, 2016, at 1:56 AM, Carsten Eiram 
<che@riskbasedsecurity.com<mailto:che@riskbasedsecurity.com>> wrote:

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 4:22 PM, Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures 
<cve@mitre.org<mailto:cve@mitre.org>> wrote:

Per Kurt Seifried's good suggestion this morning, we're happy to move 
to the private Board list to poll the Board on decisions like these in 
the future.

When initially reading about it, I planned to send an email today 
criticizing the decision to do votes on board calls. I'm, therefore, 
glad to now read that MITRE already recognized that voting on the calls 
is sub optimal and is refraining from this going forward.

It is unlikely that all board members will be present on a call for 
various reasons. This makes voting on the private list more appropriate 
to give everyone time to vote and provide feedback. As Kurt also 
mentions, timezones are another factor. Some of us are in quite 
different timezones (myself is GMT+1), which makes it more challenging 
to attend board calls. Voting on calls would, therefore, make it much 
harder for current and future board members in EMEA and APAC to have 
any influence on decisions made.


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