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Re: Juniper to be added to the official list of CNAs

On Sat, 23 Apr 2016, Landfield, Kent B wrote:

: Just to be clear.... Voting on CNAs has not occurred in the past. Or 
: least not that I can remember. I see no reason to start now.

Yet, the board used to vote on every single CVE ID assignment. Things 

My primary concern is that a CNA who is not following assignment 
guidelines ends up causing confusion and headache for those who monitor 
their advisories. We've had users and customers mail us asking about 
vendor assignment screwups in the past, so it isn't just us noticing. 
the last month, I have steadily increased the number of mails I am 
to vendors and researchers about CVE assignment problems, sometimes 
sending as many as five a day.

If we can better head off that problem, and make sure a potential CNA 
truly ready to step in as one, we should. I don't get the feeling that 
most of the board monitors some of these vendors to the degree I do, so 
don't want a rubberstamping discussion via phone to be the only thing 
stopping them from getting approved.

: I agree official votes should be on the list for items we have 
: previously agreed to vote on but rough consensus on board calls is 
: than enough for most other items.

Everyone appears to agree on this so far, which I am happy to see.

: I personally would not want to start voting on everything as that 
: just slow the effort down greatly at a time when rapid improvements 
: needed.

No, but we also don't want the typical knee-jerk reaction the U.S. 
government is well-known for either (and MITRE demonstrated with that 
federated ID scheme change nonsense that wasn't discussed with the 
Taking an extra few days or even weeks to ensure a solution is 
benefits us more than rushing to a solution that will demand more fixes 
the months to come.

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