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Re: CVE Editorial Board Meeting Announcement - March 30

I think that’s actually a good idea.  We might be better off with a 
weekly (or something) call to move things forward.  My preference is 
for the initial meeting to be two hours but I am just suggesting that 
since I think we have a good number of topics to discuss initially. It 
would be good if we can focus subsequent each call on a specific area 
or two so all can come somewhat prepared to participate.
Kent Landfield

On 3/22/16, 4:32 PM, "Waltermire, David A. (Fed)" 
<david.waltermire@nist.gov> wrote:

>While I understand we have a lot to work through, having a 4 hour 
>meeting is asking a lot of participants. I am also not sure that we 
>will accomplish more in 4 hours vs 1 or 2 hours. People will need time 
>to process the discussion, so it might be better in the end to have 4 
>1-hour meetings than 1 4-hour meeting. We might want to consider 
>setting up a regular cadence of concalls over the next few weeks to 
>have an ongoing conversation.
>I also don’t think it is productive to pick a date/time out of the 
>air. We have a Doodle poll going to decide on a time to talk. I'd like 
>to suggest that we allow Doodle to speak to the earliest available 
>time to talk. If we want a longer discussion, we can look for the 
>first two consecutive timeslots that work for the largest # of board 
>members from the Doodle poll.
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>> I hope the agenda will help me understand what this meeting is going 
>> to
>> accomplish…
>> I really don’t want this to become a complaint session. We all 
>> understand the
>> problems, what we don’t understand are the reasons and what are the
>> proposed solution options available to fix them.  We will not solve 
>> CVE world
>> hunger in 4 hours, especially when most will be remote. We still 
>> need to have
>> a Face to Face, multi-day event were we all sit down together and 
>> actively
>> and constructively work out the details of how to address the myriad 
>> of short
>> term issues while developing a long term federated solution 
>> implementation
>> and deployment plan.
>> Thanks.
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>> Subject: CVE Editorial Board Meeting Announcement - March 30
>> Dear CVE Editorial Board Members,
>> Thanks to David Waltermire of NIST for taking the initiative in 
>> coordinating a
>> CVE Editorial Board discussion. There are a number of important 
>> issues that
>> require the Board’s attention. Please forward your issues for 
>> discussion to
>> this list or to cve@mitre.org<mailto:cve@mitre.org> with the subject 
>> line:
>> CVE Editorial Board Meeting 3/30
>> On the agenda so far:
>>   *   CVE Editorial Board composition and goals
>>   *   DWF
>>   *   Discuss the plans for expanding CVE coverage
>>   *   Other issues brought forward
>> It is important that the board convene to discuss these critical 
>> issues.  MITRE
>> will host the meeting at the McLean facility next Wednesday, 30 
>> March, 1:00
>> – 5:00 Eastern time, with remote access via Skype for Business or 
>> another
>> preferred reasonable alternative.  We hope that for those of you who 
>> are
>> local that you can join us in McLean.
>> An initial draft agenda is being refined and will be posted today.
>> Best Regards,
>> The CVE team

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