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CVE Editorial Board Meeting Announcement - March 30

Dear CVE Editorial Board Members,
Thanks to David Waltermire of NIST for taking the initiative in coordinating a CVE Editorial Board discussion. There are a number of important issues that require the Board’s attention. Please forward your issues for discussion to this list or to cve@mitre.org with the subject line: CVE Editorial Board Meeting 3/30
On the agenda so far:
  • CVE Editorial Board composition and goals
  • DWF
  • Discuss the plans for expanding CVE coverage
  • Other issues brought forward
It is important that the board convene to discuss these critical issues.  MITRE will host the meeting at the McLean facility next Wednesday, 30 March, 1:00 – 5:00 Eastern time, with remote access via Skype for Business or another preferred reasonable alternative.  We hope that for those of you who are local that you can join us in McLean.
An initial draft agenda is being refined and will be posted today. 
Best Regards,
The CVE team

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