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Re: nomination for the Editorial board: Kurt Siefried

On 2015-10-12 10:20, Art Manion wrote:
>> If you do not know who Kurt is, or why I am nominating him... kindly step 
>> down from the board.
>> No, seriously. Either you know him and the work he has done for the CVE 
>> initiative, and you should clearly support his nomination... or you do not 
>> know, and you are not qualified to be on this board.
> Not sure what the process is (it may exist, I have not recently looked
> documentation), but I second the nomination, and/or vote in favor of
> adding Kurt as a board member.

So, this would have been easy for me to find an read first, and I
didn't, which was rather hasty for a current Board member:


I'm in favor of following the existing process, in a timely manner.

Yes, Brian's writing is inflammatory.  Yet here we are discussing an
addition to the board.  Has a current Board member previously
recommended the prospect (Kurt)?

Let's ignore the rhetoric and get on with the business at hand.

Following the process, it seems to me that "1. Prospect Identification"
is complete:

[x] 1. Prospect Identification (done)
[ ] 2. MITRE Evaluation (N weeks?)
[ ] 3. Editorial Board Feedback (at least 2 weeks)
[ ] 4. Membership Approval


 - Art

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