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nomination for the Editorial board: Kurt Siefried

If you do not know who Kurt is, or why I am nominating him... kindly step 
down from the board.

No, seriously. Either you know him and the work he has done for the CVE 
initiative, and you should clearly support his nomination... or you do not 
know, and you are not qualified to be on this board.

One of those rare, but fun cases where there is no imbetween in my eyes. 
Also, I have already lobbied to have him added as 'emeritus' due to his 
past contributions, and specifically fitting the definition as outlined by 

    The individuals listed below are former members of the CVE Editorial
    Board. We thank them for contributions, especially those with
    "Emeritus" status who have made particularly significant contributions
    to the CVE Initiative.

He should not be 'former', but he fits the rest of the bill more than 
any current member of the board, non-MITRE at least, including myself.


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