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Re: nomination for the Editorial board: Kurt Siefried

So about 5 days later, a single person has voted.

I know at least one of the board are still using an @aol.com address, and 
you may not have gotten the original mail yet... and a few of you are 
still aghast that I am still posting, because I offend your delicate 

But come on... in case you missed it, CVE is a cornerstone of the industry 
to a degree. If the board has any merit, any influence, we need to take 
our roles seriously. That means timely replies to such issues or votes. 
Not the "you have to respond in a month or eight" crap we saw on the last 
big vote (re: 10+ digit changes), where a few members still didn't vote.

What's up? Do you need more information on my nomination? Are you 
unfamiliar with the oss-sec mail list and the pure volume of CVE 
assignments Kurt dishes out every week? Can I answer questions you have? 
Do you have reservations and are scared of me? Just speak up! Voice your 
opinion, good or bad. It is your opinion... at least contribute to the 
dialogue here.

If all this is a level of stress or drama you aren't willing to face, I 
get it. We're all frayed at the ends after so much time in the industry. 
So, kindly step down from the board. Problem solved! No shame, no hard 
feelings. You did your time, you contributed to varying degrees (ranging 
between 'about none' and 'pathetic' in my opinion, but still..).

Too busy? Step down. Not interested? Step down.

Basically... vote (with a reason if you say no), or step down. If you 
actually CARE about the industry, this is a no brainer. If you ignore this 
and stick around, while not contributing, then you are a malicious jackass 
who wants to see the industry burn more than I do. And that my friends, is 
a tall order.


On Fri, 9 Oct 2015, jericho wrote:

: If you do not know who Kurt is, or why I am nominating him... kindly step down
: from the board.
: No, seriously. Either you know him and the work he has done for the CVE
: initiative, and you should clearly support his nomination... or you do not
: know, and you are not qualified to be on this board.
: One of those rare, but fun cases where there is no imbetween in my eyes. Also,
: I have already lobbied to have him added as 'emeritus' due to his past
: contributions, and specifically fitting the definition as outlined by MITRE:
:    The individuals listed below are former members of the CVE Editorial
:    Board. We thank them for contributions, especially those with
:    "Emeritus" status who have made particularly significant contributions
:    to the CVE Initiative.
: He should not be 'former', but he fits the rest of the bill more than any
: current member of the board, non-MITRE at least, including myself.
: .b

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