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Peter Mell has left the CVE Editorial Board

Peter Mell of NIST has left the CVE Editorial Board in accordance with
current membership rules, which limit organizations to a maximum of 2
members.  Harold Booth and David Waltermire remain on the Board as the
NIST representatives.

We are pleased to recognize Peter with Emeritus status because of his
extensive contributions to the growth and acceptance of CVE, beginning
as early as the Purdue workshop on vulnerability databases in January
1999.  Continuing through the NVD and SCAP efforts, Peter was a
driving force in the adoption of CVE by the US government and other
international organizations.  He was influential in the increased
frequency of publication of new CVE identifiers - from once every few
months to the current daily publication cycle.  Finally, he
participated in several Board meetings and was an active voter on

Thank you Peter!


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