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Summary of CVE Editorial Board Membership and Recent Departures


MITRE has extensively reviewed and clarified the existing CVE
Editorial Board membership.  We have finalized an official list of who
the current (and past) members are; see below.  This list is
authoritative.  The CVE web site has been updated to reflect this list
as well.

Moving forward in the coming months, we plan to review the roles,
responsibilities, and expectations for current and future Board
members, then open up recruitment to new members again.  By necessity,
this activity might have to happen as the Board wrestles with timely
issues such as community awareness for the ID syntax change.


Members Who Have Recently Left

During the past few years, the following members left the Board and
confirmed their departure, or they were otherwise removed because they
could not be reached during the ID syntax discussion and voting period
in 2013.

We are very grateful to all these members for their contributions over
the years.

Jimmy Alderson
David Baker
Troy Bollinger
Russ Cooper
Tim Collins
Al Huger
David Mann
Peter Mell
Craig Ozancin

Current Members
Ken Williams, CA Technologies
Andy Balinsky, Cisco
Panos Kampanakis, Cisco
Ken Armstrong, EWA-CANADA
Bill Wall, Harris Corporation
Tom Stracener, Independent
Tim Keanini, Lancope
Scott Lawler, Lightspeed
Steve Christey Coley, MITRE
Kent Landfield, McAfee
Elizabeth Scott, Microsoft
Harold Booth, NIST
David Waltermire, NIST
Brian Martin, OSVDB
Casper Dik, Oracle
Pascal Meunier, Purdue
Gene Spafford, Purdue
Mark Cox, Red Hat
Carsten Eiram, Risk Based Security
Alan Paller, SANS
Mike Prosser, Symantec
Matt Bishop, UC Davis
Art Manion, US-CERT

Emeritus Members
Scott Blake, Bindview
Andre Frech, ISS
Adam Shostack, Independent
Peter Mell, NIST
Steve Northcutt, SANS
Elias Levy, SecurityFocus

Past Members
Bill Fithen, CERT
Damir Rajnovic, Cisco
Kevin Ziese, Cisco
Paul Proctor, CyberSafe
Steve Snapp, CyberSafe
Ronson Nguyen, Ernst & Young
Kelly Cooper, GTE Internet
John Flowers, Hiverworld
Patrick Heim, Hiverworld
Troy Bollinger, IBM
Marc Dacier, IBM
Larry Oliver, IBM ERS
Jimmy Alderson, InGuardians
Tim Collins, Independent
Russ Cooper, Independent
Natalie Brader, L-3 Security
David Baker, MITRE
Bill Hill, MITRE
David Mann, MITRE
Eric Cole, McAfee
Shawn Hernan, Microsoft
David LeBlanc, Microsoft
David Balenson, NAI
Jim Magdych, NAI
Marcus Ranum, NFR
Dana Foat, NSA
Renaud Deraison, Nessus
Jim Jones, Predictive Systems
Stuart Staniford, Silicon Defense
Al Huger, Sourcefire
Rob Clyde, Symantec
Craig Ozancin, Symantec
Stu Green, Tiger Testing

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