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RE: request: removal of Alan Paller from the CEB (fwd)

Your conclusions are ridiculous. Participate in the charter revisions that numerous conscientious board members have and then voice your consternation. Such revisions provide for a consensus solution to the problem you identify.

We're trying to advance the program just like our colleagues are, and they have really good ideas.

Participate constructively or be quiet.

Chris levendis
The CVE Team

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Subject: request: removal of Alan Paller from the CEB (fwd)
This has gone unanswered since April 22. No reply to me personally, no
action on list.

This is a *no-brainer* decision here. MITRE refuses to address this. It is
very easy to read into this that MITRE doesn't really see the board as a
body that matters, something I have brought up more than once in private.
If you can't staff your Kangaroo court properly, it is very telling.


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Subject: request: removal of Alan Paller from the CEB


Regarding Alan Paller, who is listed as a board member [0]:

    SANS Institute
    Alan Paller

I have gone back through the archives all the way to 9/23/2000 and cannot find
a single time he has posted to the list, at all, in any fashion. This includes
not voting on the big ID Syntax change in 2012 - 2013.

As such, he has not filled his duties as a board member, brought no value to
the Editorial Board process, and does not merit a position on the board.

I vote for Mr. Paller to be removed due to inactivity. Not only is there
precedent, but Mr. Paller was apparently not removed during the Syntax vote, as
others were [1].


[0] https://cve.mitre.org/community/board/
[1] https://cve.mitre.org/data/board/archives/2014-04/msg00017.html

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