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RE: request: removal of Alan Paller from the CEB (fwd)


First, who exactly are you? Other than a "project manager" [0] who has 
posted to the public CVE Editorial Board list in the last 16+ years? 
is *your* contribution to the board?

On Tue, 23 Aug 2016, Levendis, Chris wrote:

: Your conclusions are ridiculous. Participate in the charter revisions 

No, my point in this mail is backed in pure, unadulterated fact. Fact, 
that is, in case you didn't miss the FACT part of that.

I have a spreadsheet of CVE editorial board posts from 5/17/2000 to 
7/27/2016 that I generated, partially due to my time, and partially due 
paying out of pocket for an analyst to generate the rest. I get that he 
may have participated in the charter before 2000, but nothing in the 
16 years despite 'not voting' on a few critical events in those years 
been grounds for removal.

Show me where Allan Paller contributed to the list between those dates. 
you can show me a time he did, it means the Board Mail List Archive [1] 
not complete (which I have also called out many times as not updating 
properly). I sincerely want you to show me where I am wrong in my 

: Participate constructively or be quiet.

Are you saying definitely, that I have not participated constructively? 
Sure, I have been very vocal, I have slightly crossed some boundaries 
decorum that were expected by others, and only later qualified as rules 
after I pushed MITRE to behave more responsibly (wher they focused on 
decorum, not improving CVE). But to suggest that I haven't been 
constructive is absurd and false.

You signed your mail:

   Chris levendis
   The CVE Team

So is this the official stance of the MITRE/CVE team telling a board 
member to be quiet? That I am wrong, that Allan Paller has somehow 
value to the board, despite not posting to the list at all in 16 years? 
am mindful of the 'promoting CVE' angle that has been brought up 
but I am speaking specifically to participation on the board in his 
documented role [2].


[0] https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-levendis-a1711594
[1] http://cve.mitre.org/community/board/archive.html
[2] https://cve.mitre.org/community/board/

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