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RE: Simplified Draft Counting Paper for CVE Editorial Board Review

Brian, Art - 

Thank you very much for your review and thoughts on the draft counting 
paper. You bring up some good points; this paper will be on the agenda 
for the next Editorial Board meeting in 2 weeks. In the meantime, we 
encourage other members of the Board to comment and critique. It will 
facilitate the discussion at the next meeting.


The CVE Team

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On Mon, 28 Mar 2016, Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures wrote:

: Please find attached to this note a copy of the draft CVE Simplified
: Counting Paper. The paper was originally prepared as an internal piece
: to help the CVE analysts orient their thinking, and we thought that it
: would be useful to share it with the Board as background before the
: Board meeting Wednesday afternoon.
: Please forward any questions or comments to this list.

Attached a copy with Track Changes on, and left comments throughout the 
document. There are quite a few things that are not clear and only add 
confusion or debate, rather than clarifying a point. Further, this 
document would be better off if you could have a technical editor give 
it a once-over.


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