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Re: Simplified Draft Counting Paper for CVE Editorial Board Review

On Wed, 30 Mar 2016, Art Manion wrote:

: At a high level, even more tolerance for assignment criteria, 
: assignment (by MITRE and/or CNAs) is necessary to keep up with 
:  A direct affect is an increased need for split/merge/reject cleanup.

This is a critical comment, and understated.

All of the proposals do absolutely nothing to address the fundamentl 
problem CVE faces. All of the proposed changes are the proverbial 
deck-chair arranging on a sinking effort.

It is truly difficult to comprehend how so much time can be spent on 
pedantic policy like this while ignoring the bigger problem. I mean, I 
all for VDB pedantry, and Steve Christey and I had some epic threads 
conversations along those lines. But this isn't a case where changing 
the minutiae of the current policy will fix anything, at all.

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