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A special announcement regarding Steve Christey Coley

The special role and attendant status of “Emeritus” for former CVE Editorial Board members was first discussed during the Board teleconference of 21 June, 2001. Since then, several very deserving former Board members have been recognized by the granting of “Emeritus” status on the CVE Editorial Board.


The definition of the Emeritus role on the CVE web site (http://cve.mitre.org/community/board/roles.html) is as follows:


“Emeritus members were formerly active and influential in the CVE Initiative. As a result of significant contributions, they maintain an honorary position on the Board.”


We are very pleased to recognize Steve Christey Coley with Emeritus status for his many, many contributions to CVE throughout its history to date.


In his resignation announcement email to the Board, Steve said  “I hope that I've been able to serve the CVE community with technical excellence, empathy, respect, balance, sincerity, honesty, and transparency.  I hope I've been able to successfully listen carefully to, understand, and (when necessary) represent the myriad perspectives of this community, especially when hard decisions were necessary.”


We want to affirm that Steve has achieved all of his stated hopes and more, and we find it impossible to more clearly articulate Steve’s conduct, contributions, effects and impacts on CVE and the community.


Please join us in congratulating Steve Christey Coley as we recognize his many contributions by naming him as an Emeritus member of the CVE Editorial Board.


Best Regards,

The CVE Team

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