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Re: Any problems posting to this list? please respond

: 1. Starting Friday August 28, has anybody received posts to this list 
: from Brian Martin (Jericho) and Kent Landfield?  Kent, did you see 
: Brian's posts?  Brian, did you see Kent's post?

I received Kent's mail.

I did not receive my "Re: procedure for penalizing or revoking CNA 
status?" mail.

I did not receive my follow-up made shortly after.

I did receive my "current guidelines for a CNA" mail.

So 50/50 on receiving...

: 2. Did anybody receive this message?

And this one obviously.

: Brian's implication seems very clear, namely, that MITRE would prevent 
: his posts from being sent to the Board list and/or being archived. As 
: long as I have been the primary person responsible for configuration of 
: the CVE Editorial Board list, beginning in spring 1999, I have always 
: given Board members unmoderated/unlimited posting privileges to this 
: list.  Any implication that I would intentionally moderate this list or 
: restrict posts to Board members is incorrect.

I apologize for that. Based on what I saw, it seemed clear at the time 
that some type of moderation was at play, primarily due to the inflamatory 
nature of my post that did not go through, as compared to my tame question 
post that did.


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