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[BOARD] Shawn Hernan has joined the Editorial Board

Shawn Hernan of CERT/CC has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  Bill
Fithen remains on the Board as a consultant for high-level content
issues, overall CVE guidance, and behind-the-scenes consultation.
Shawn will be playing a more active role in terms of voting on
candidates and addressing candidate assignment issues.  He has been
heavily involved in CERT's vulnerability research and was one of the
primary authors of CERT's new vulnerability disclosure policy.

A short bio follows:

>Shawn Hernan is a member of the technical staff at the CERT
>Coordination Center where he leads the vulnerability handling
>group. Prior to joining CERT/CC, Shawn worked for the Systems and
>Networks division of the University of Pittsburgh for seven years
>where he developed databases and network applications, and shared in
>the system administration of the centralized computing facilities and
>the large campus network. Shawn has a BSCS from the University of

Welcome aboard, Shawn!

- Steve

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