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[BOARD] Renaud Deraison has joined the Editorial Board

Renaud Deraison of the Nessus Project has joined the CVE Editorial
Board.  Renaud's addition enhances the diversity of the Board in
several ways.  As the primary developer of Nessus, a CVE-compatible
freeware security tool, Renaud will be able to provide a
non-commercial perspective of products.  As a French citizen, he
increases the international representation on the Board.

Following is a short bio:

>I've been a free software writer for the last five years. I have
>written a number of programs dedicated to make sysadmin's life easier,
>in particular when it comes to the configuration of firewalls. My most
>well-known program today is Nessus, a free, full-featured alternative
>to commercial security scanners that I started three years ago as a
>personal project.  I am the (recent) founder of a company devoted to
>the selling of support contracts for Nessus, which allows me to
>continue to write new software on a full time basis.

Welcome aboard, Renaud!

- Steve

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