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GSA likely to fund CVE


At the request of Pete Tasker, I'm passing on the following
announcement that was made by the US General Services Administration
(GSA) at the FedCIRC conference this week.  GSA has participated in
the Senior Advisory Council that Pete and Margie Zuk have been

We are trying to obtain more details and confirmation, but we believed
it was important to notify you of this development in case it gets
some press coverage.  We will keep you informed.

- Steve

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: CVE funding announcement
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 23:24:22 -0500
From: Pete Tasker <ptasker@mitre.org>

Senior Advisory Council Members and luncheon invitees,

As you know, a number of you have been working on a plan to get
funding lined up for the federal security program through GSA and to
get CVE into a line item in the budget in FY02 and beyond as part of
that security program.

This afternoon at GSA's Information Technology Security Innovations
Conference here in Maryland, Dave Jarrell of GSA publicly announced
that they will provide "significant funding" for CVE this year and
plan to fund it entirely next year.  Dave had suggested to me last
week that he thought he could commit GSA to $200K for CVE this year.

With commitments a number of government senior executives had made for
CVE funding before the invitational luncheon on 16 October, this
brings FY01 support to $850K.

I presume that this funding will be contingent on the final
disposition of the funding for the GSA security work, but it sounds
like signs are positive.

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