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[CVEPRI] Possible dates for next Editorial Board teleconference


The next Editorial Board teleconference will take place the week of
June 26-30, i.e. next week.  Please send me your preferences for days
and times.  A time will be decided by this Thursday.

The teleconference will be scheduled for 2 hours, but the schedule
will allow for some overflow.  We plan on having teleconferences more
frequently, but for shorter duration than previous teleconferences,
since 4-hour phone calls can be taxing on all participants.

The topics will include content decisions, CVE accuracy versus
timeliness, a progress report on new and legacy candidates, and a
brief review of modifications to the CVE compatibility requirements

To accommodate participants from the US West Coast, the teleconference
will not be held before 12 PM Eastern time (9 AM Pacific).

- Steve

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