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[CVEPRI] Next face-to-face Board meeting in Denver, August 14-15


The next face-to-face Editorial Board meeting will take place on
Monday and Tuesday, August 14-15 in Denver, Colorado.  This coincides
with the 9th USENIX Security Symposium, whose technical sessions will
be held on August 16-17.  See http://www.usenix.org/events/sec2000/
for details.

Of the 9 Board members who expressed preferences, 7 believed that they
would be able to attend the meeting at Denver.

A meeting location has not been identified yet.  If any Editorial
Board members work for organizations that have locations in Denver,
please let us know if you might be able to provide space for the
meeting.  Otherwise MITRE will find a suitable location for hosting
the meeting.

An agenda will be provided as the meeting approaches.  Topics may
include content decisions, CVE compatibility, management of CVE
versions and modifications, feedback on the new web page for voting
(which I expect to be available before then), diligence levels for
pre-publication candidate assignment, community-wide issues that
directly impact CVE, and whatever happens to be the hot topic on the
mailing list at that time :-)

While the agenda is open-ended at best, note that we have had no
problems filling up two days in previous face-to-face meetings.

- Steve

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