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RE: Second draft of CyberCrime Treaty Statement

>1) You have to have a real first name and last name.

Ah, but what if "the thing formerly known as Prince" wants to sign...;-]

>2) You have to have a real company, university, or government
>agency listed as an affiliation

Part of the problem already raised in this small forum is the ability for an
individual to speak on behalf of their org. Forcing anyone who signs to list
their affiliation will only limit those signatories who have this problem.
If we're restricting this list to a select group, why is it not sufficient
to have their name alone?

Are we getting signatures to endorse and confirm our statement, or impress
the Treaty folks?

>3) You must be a full-time employee of that organization

Again, same problem.

4) Your email address domain must match that organization

I think between us we can find the phone number and recognize the voice of
whomever we get to sign this thing. Let's use that form of verification. If
we're not going for PGP or S/MIME signatures, email addresses shouldn't be


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