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Re: Second draft of CyberCrime Treaty Statement

At 5:57 PM -0400 5/10/00, Adam Shostack wrote:
>| 5) Each participating Board member performs their own outreach to
>|    their own contacts, and works with the coordinator, who maintains
>|    the "master list" of endorsements.
>I think that the contact list should be professionals, but question
>how wide we want to make it?  Do we look for (say) 50 high profile
>people outside the board, or accept the potential of 5,000 signatures
>from bugtraq/ntbugtraq?  I think that the latter is less compelling
>than the former.

We definitely do not want to open it up to bugtraq, etc.   We can let 
them post their own comments.

I would basically have these as ground rules for signers:

1) You have to have a real first name and last name.
2) You have to have a real company, university, or government agency 
listed as an affiliation
3) You must be a full-time employee of that organization
4) Your email address domain must match that organization


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