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[BOARD] Ron Nguyen has joined the Editorial Board

Ron Nguyen of Ernst and Young has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  As
an employee of a Big Six accounting firm, he will help to fill a gap
on the Editorial Board and provide yet another perspective of CVE.
His operational experience with security tools and vulnerability
assessment gives another "end user" voice to the Board as well.

Below is a short bio:

>Ron Nguyen leads the Vulnerability Research team for
>eSecurityOnline.com, overseeing the process of researching,
>validating, and publishing vulnerability information for both internal
>and external use.  Ron was deployed as a consultant to Airforce
>and other Department of Defense locations worldwide to lead
>penetration and vulnerability assessments, to correct computer and
>network vulnerabilities, and in rapid response to security
>incidents. His accomplishments included researching, planning and
>implementing the Air Force,s first Information Warfare Aggressor
>program, as well as planning and executing detailed Information
>Warfare attack campaigns during Air Force exercises. In all, Ron has
>attacked more than 60,000 DoD computers representing virtually all
>types of common configurations. He also developed and taught courses
>in security administration and incident response. Ron is a Certified
>Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He earned a B.S. in
>Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Academy.

Welcome aboard, Ron!

- Steve

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