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[BOARD] Steve Schall has joined the Editorial Board

Steve Schall of ODS Networks has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  His
expertise in Windows NT will help us to further chip away at the Unix
bias in CVE.  As the developer of requirements for various security
tools at ODS, he will be able to help us further extend the reach of
CVE to a larger "customer" base.

Below is a short bio.

>Steve Schall is director of Product Management - Security Software
>for ODS Networks.  He develops the requirements for CMDS, Kane
>Security Analyst, Kane Security Monitor and ProtoCop.  Steve has over
>20 years experience with software development and networking. Prior to
>joining ODS in 1994, Steve has worked for Dun+Bradstreet Software,
>Comshare, Micro One and a system integration company, SP Schall & Co.
>Steve has extensive experience working with administration of Windows
>NT and Novell NetWare.  Steve has a BA degree in Business Economics
>and Political Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Welcome aboard, Steve!

- Steve

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