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Re: A challenge from the CVE web site

Adam Shostack said:

>There is an item on hackernews today mentioning the CVE which ends
>"The database is already missing some key advisories that have been
>publicly released."  I suspect that there is disapointment that the
>concordance doesn't contain more data.

I hope that we will be able to address this concern in the next month
or so by going "live" with candidate numbers for new information.

Also, the first candidate clusters to be proposed next week will be
addressing many of the critical advisories.  Granted, we need to be
more responsive, but I think that will happen as time goes on.  In the
last teleconference, someone (was it Mike or Andre?) suggested
attaching a "turnaround time" for assigning candidate names to
submissions.  Perhaps we could extend this approach to attach
"special" priority for approving CVE names for high-visibility

- Steve

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