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RE: A challenge from the CVE web site

Paraphrased from Bill Clinton: "Ah feel your pain!"

Andre Frech
Emeritus, X-Force Security Research

Internet Security Systems

Adaptive Network Security for the Enterprise

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> From: Dave Mann [mailto:damann@MITRE.ORG]
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 4:10 PM
> To: CVE
> Subject: A challenge from the CVE web site
> All,
> Here is a quote from an e-mail that we recently received
> on the CVE web site.  As we begin to do the heavy lifting
> of voting a new round of candidates (in the face of a busy
> holiday season), we are reminded of how important it is for
> us to grow CVE to a credible size.  Your hard work is what
> makes this happen!
> Hopefully we can meet the ambitious goal getting 500
> entries by Y2K.
> 'best
> Dave
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> Dear Sir or Ma'am,
> I recently ran a search through the CVE dB and while I found the
> number of vulnerabilities interesting for my particular subject
> matter, I must admit I am a bit disappointed that there appears to be
> very little depth in the listings of the actual vulnerabilities.
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