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RE: A challenge from the CVE web site

Understand and agree that we have a lot of work that must be done.  However,
I do have a quick question concerning the sender of the e-mail.

Was he/she expecting more descriptive information on each vulnerability ala
securityfocus?  Or is the expressed disappointment in the number of entries
in the current CVE db?  The latter we can rectify with some hard work, the
former has never been the purpose of the CVE and just indicates we need to
work harder on informing the public I guess.

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From: Dave Mann [mailto:damann@MITRE.ORG]
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 3:10 PM
Subject: A challenge from the CVE web site


Here is a quote from an e-mail that we recently received
on the CVE web site.  As we begin to do the heavy lifting
of voting a new round of candidates (in the face of a busy
holiday season), we are reminded of how important it is for
us to grow CVE to a credible size.  Your hard work is what
makes this happen!

Hopefully we can meet the ambitious goal getting 500
entries by Y2K.



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Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I recently ran a search through the CVE dB and while I found the
number of vulnerabilities interesting for my particular subject
matter, I must admit I am a bit disappointed that there appears to be
very little depth in the listings of the actual vulnerabilities.
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