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CVE Working Groups Overview

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The CVE Program has a number of Working Groups (WGs) actively focused on improving processes, workflows, and other aspects of the program as CVE continues to grow and expand. You may request to join a WG, or request more information, by using the CVE Request Web Form and selecting “Other” from the dropdown.

Current documents, repositories, and projects for CVE’s WGs are included below. Updates to this information will be posted on the CVE Working Groups page.

Automation Working Group (AWG)

Focused on identifying and advancing proposals for the collaborative design, development, and deployment of automated capabilities that support the efficient management of the CVE Program.




Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG)

Focused on the long-term strategy (1-5 years) and goals of the CVE Program; will work closely with the CVE Board to determine goals and objectives and will act to achieve them.


CNA Coordination Working Group (CNACWG)

Focused on providing a forum for more effective communication and participation by the CVE Numbering Authorities (CNAs).


CVE Quality Working Group (QWG)

Focused on identifying areas where CVE content, rules, guidelines, and best practices must improve to better support stakeholder use cases.

CVE Outreach and Communications Working Group (OCWG)

Focused on promoting the CVE Program to achieve program adoption and coverage goals through increased community awareness.

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  May 30, 2019 (updated November 13, 2019)
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