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"Safe" vulnerabilities ready for review


I've taken a quick crack at identifying a "safe" subset of
vulnerabilities that (hopefully) won't generate much discussion or

About 250 of the 650 CVE vulnerabilities are "safe" for review.  Yes,
that leaves 400 others, but:

- these 250 are tested by one or more tools (mostly network-based,
commercial or freeware)

- almost 200 are software flaws

- most don't have any level of abstraction inconsistencies across

This is NOT to say that there are 400 contentious entries, rather that
my most concrete "first cut" has produced these 250.  The remaining
400 include:
  - entries that had to do with content decisions that I think might
    cause discussion
  - a lot of other entries that are host-based but "stable" and
    probably non-controversial
  - vulnerabilities that are more recent than my mappings

I'll provide the list by Tuesday afternoon.

- Steve

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