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Current mailing list "subscribers"

Per Russ Cooper's suggestion, below is a list of the current members
of this mailing list.

This list only includes the invitees who have expressed an interest in
the CVE, so it may be expanded somewhat as others come on board.  Russ
suggested that I notify everyone as others are added or removed, and I
will do so.

- Steve

cve-review members:

adam@netect.com			Adam Shostack
afrech@iss.net			Andre Frech
ziese@cisco.com			Kevin Ziese
balinsky@cisco.com		Andy Balinsky
rclyde@axent.com		Rob Clyde
cozancin@axent.com		Craig Ozancin
Alfred_Huger@nai.com		Al Huger
aleph1@underground.org		Elias Levy
Russ.Cooper@rc.on.ca		Russ Cooper
spaf@cs.purdue.edu		Gene Spafford
bishop@nob.cs.ucdavis.edu	Matt Bishop
Stephen.Northcutt@bmdo.osd.mil	Steve Northcutt
alanpaller@aol.com		Alan Paller
kolstad@ace.delos.com		Rob Kolstad
coley@linus.mitre.org		Steve Christey
damann@mitre.org		David Mann
bill@mitre.org			Bill Hill
lkjones@mitre.org		Linda Jones
sheppard@mitre.org		Marty Sheppard
sjmoore@mitre.org		Steve Moore
mmz@mitre.org			Margie Zuk

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