CVE Reference Map for Source NTBUGTRAQ

Description Posting to NTBugtraq mailing list

This reference map lists the various references for NTBUGTRAQ and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-06-25.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

NTBUGTRAQ:19970317 Internet Explorer Bug #4 CVE-1999-0280
NTBUGTRAQ:19970723 NT security - why bother? CVE-1999-1217
NTBUGTRAQ:19970725 Re: NT security - why bother? CVE-1999-1217
NTBUGTRAQ:19970801 WINS flooding CVE-1999-0288
NTBUGTRAQ:19970805 Re: Strange behavior regarding directory CVE-1999-1446
NTBUGTRAQ:19970806 Re: Strange behavior regarding directory CVE-1999-1446
NTBUGTRAQ:19970904 [Alert] Website's uploader.exe (from demo) vulnerable CVE-1999-0177
NTBUGTRAQ:19970905 Re: FW: [Alert] Website's uploader.exe (from demo) vulnerable CVE-1999-0177
NTBUGTRAQ:19980121 How to recover private keys for various Microsoft products CVE-1999-1104
NTBUGTRAQ:19980622 Yet another "get yourself admin rights exploit": CVE-1999-1084
NTBUGTRAQ:19980629 MS SQL Server 6.5 stores password in unprotected registry keys CVE-1999-1556
NTBUGTRAQ:19980720 DOS in Vintra systems Mailserver software. CVE-1999-1200
NTBUGTRAQ:19980827 NERP DoS attack possible in Oracle CVE-1999-0784
NTBUGTRAQ:19980922 WARNING! SMTP Denial of Service in SLmail ver 3.1 CVE-1999-1265
NTBUGTRAQ:19980929 ISS Security Advisory: Snork CVE-1999-0969
NTBUGTRAQ:19981002 NMRC Advisory - Lame NT Token Ring DoS CVE-1999-1132
NTBUGTRAQ:19981112 exchverify.log CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19981117 Re: exchverify.log - update #1 CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19981125 Re: exchverify.log - update #2 CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19981216 Arcserve Exchange Client security issue being fixed CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19981224 BackWeb - Password issue (used by NAI for Corporate customer notification). CVE-1999-1277
NTBUGTRAQ:19990107 WinNT, ZAK and Office 97 CVE-1999-1431
NTBUGTRAQ:19990109 WinNT, ZAK and Office 97 CVE-1999-1431
NTBUGTRAQ:19990114 MS IIS 4.0 Security Advisory CVE-1999-1376 CVE-1999-1538
NTBUGTRAQ:19990118 IIS4.0 and Visual Interdev CVE-1999-1591
NTBUGTRAQ:19990119 Re: IIS4.0 and Visual Interdev CVE-1999-1591
NTBUGTRAQ:19990126 IIS 4 Advisory - ExAir sample site DoS CVE-1999-0449
NTBUGTRAQ:19990126 Javascript ecurity bug in Internet Explorer CVE-1999-0347
NTBUGTRAQ:19990129 ole objects in a "secured" environment? CVE-1999-1452
NTBUGTRAQ:19990204 WS FTP Server Remote DoS Attack CVE-1999-1170 CVE-1999-1171
NTBUGTRAQ:19990205 Alert: MS releases GINA-fix for SP3, SP4, and TS CVE-1999-1452
NTBUGTRAQ:19990206 New Windows 9x Bug: TCP Chorusing CVE-1999-1201
NTBUGTRAQ:19990211 ACFUG List: Alert: Allaire Forums GetFile bug CVE-1999-0800
NTBUGTRAQ:19990211 Using FSO in ASP to view just about anything CVE-1999-1375
NTBUGTRAQ:19990222 New IE4 vulnerability : the clipboard again. CVE-1999-1453
NTBUGTRAQ:199902225 ALERT: SLMail 3.2 (and 3.1) with the Remote Administration Service CVE-1999-0380
NTBUGTRAQ:19990302 NT Domain DoS and Security Exploit with SAMBA Server CVE-1999-1593
NTBUGTRAQ:19990304 Oracle Plaintext Password CVE-1999-1256
NTBUGTRAQ:19990305 Cheyenne InocuLAN for Exchange plain text password still there CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19990308 Password and DOS Vulnerability with Testrack (bug tracking software) CVE-1999-1567
NTBUGTRAQ:19990308 Winfreeze EXPLOIT Win9x/NT CVE-1999-1254
NTBUGTRAQ:19990312 [ ALERT ] Case Sensitivity and Symbolic Links CVE-1999-1317
NTBUGTRAQ:19990314 AW: [ ALERT ] Case Sensitivity and Symbolic Links CVE-1999-1317
NTBUGTRAQ:19990323 Index Server 2.0 and the Registry CVE-1999-1397
NTBUGTRAQ:19990323 MSIE 5 installer disables screen saver CVE-1999-1370
NTBUGTRAQ:19990331 Minor Bug in IE5.0 CVE-1999-1235
NTBUGTRAQ:19990409 NAV for MS Exchange & Internet Email Gateways CVE-1999-1323
NTBUGTRAQ:19990409 Webcom's CGI Guestbook for Win32 web servers CVE-1999-0467
NTBUGTRAQ:19990411 Death by MessageBox CVE-1999-0723
NTBUGTRAQ:19990426 ArcServe Exchange Client Security Issue still unresolved CVE-1999-1322
NTBUGTRAQ:19990503 Buffer overflows in FTP Serv-U 2.5 CVE-1999-0219
NTBUGTRAQ:19990504 Re: Buffer overflows in FTP Serv-U 2.5 CVE-1999-0219
NTBUGTRAQ:19990505 NAI AntiVirus Update Problem CVE-1999-1195
NTBUGTRAQ:19990506 ".."-hole in Alibaba 2.0 CVE-1999-0776
NTBUGTRAQ:19990512 InoculateIT 4.53 Real-Time Exchange Scanner Flawed CVE-1999-1368
NTBUGTRAQ:19990517 Vulnerabilities in BisonWare FTP Server 3.5 CVE-1999-1156 CVE-1999-1510
NTBUGTRAQ:19990519 Denial of Service in Counter.exe version 2.70 CVE-1999-1030 CVE-1999-1031
NTBUGTRAQ:19990525 Security Leak with IBM Netfinity Remote Control Software CVE-1999-1414
NTBUGTRAQ:19990528 DoS against PC Anywhere CVE-1999-1028
NTBUGTRAQ:19990603 Huge Exploit in NT 4.0 SP5 Screensaver with Password Protection Enabled CVE-1999-1400
NTBUGTRAQ:19990603 Re: Huge Exploit in NT 4.0 SP5 Screensaver with Password Protecti on Enabled. CVE-1999-1400
NTBUGTRAQ:19990604 Official response from The Economist re: 1999 Screen Saver CVE-1999-1400
NTBUGTRAQ:19990609 IBM's response to "Security Leak with IBM Netfinity Remote Control Software CVE-1999-1414
NTBUGTRAQ:19990616 Password and DOS Vulnerability with Testrack (bug tracking software) CVE-1999-1567
NTBUGTRAQ:19990624 Eastman Software Work Management 3.21 CVE-1999-1470
NTBUGTRAQ:19990628 NT runs Explorer.exe, Taskmgr.exe etc. from wrong location CVE-1999-1365
NTBUGTRAQ:19990630 Update: NT runs explorer.exe, etc... CVE-1999-1365
NTBUGTRAQ:19990706 Bug in SUN's Hotspot VM CVE-1999-1478
NTBUGTRAQ:19990707 SSL and IIS. CVE-1999-1537
NTBUGTRAQ:19990716 FW: (Review ID: 85125) Hotspot crashes bringing down webserver CVE-1999-1478
NTBUGTRAQ:19990720 Buffer overflow in AspUpload 1.4 CVE-1999-1535
NTBUGTRAQ:19990728 Seattle Labs EMURL Vulnerability CVE-1999-1017
NTBUGTRAQ:19990729 ExpressFS 2.x FTPServer remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability CVE-1999-1514
NTBUGTRAQ:19990729 WS_FTP Pro 6.0 Weak Password Encryption Vulnerability CVE-1999-1078
NTBUGTRAQ:19990730 Netscape Enterprise Server yeilds source of JHTML CVE-1999-1130
NTBUGTRAQ:19990817 Compaq PFCUser account CVE-1999-1355
NTBUGTRAQ:19990818 AspUpload Buffer Overflow Fixed CVE-1999-1535
NTBUGTRAQ:19990823 IBM Gina security warning CVE-1999-0718
NTBUGTRAQ:19990825 IE5 FTP password exposure & index.dat null ACL problem CVE-1999-1235
NTBUGTRAQ:19990827 HTML code to crash IE5 and Outlook Express 5 CVE-1999-1016
NTBUGTRAQ:19990830 SoftArc's FirstClass E-mail Client CVE-1999-1354
NTBUGTRAQ:19990902 Compaq CIM UG Overwrites Legal Notice CVE-1999-1356
NTBUGTRAQ:19990905 Case ID SSRT0620 - PFCUser account communication CVE-1999-1355
NTBUGTRAQ:19990909 SoftArc's FirstClass E-mail Client CVE-1999-1354
NTBUGTRAQ:19990915 (I) UPDATE - PFCUser Account, CVE-1999-1355
NTBUGTRAQ:19990917 Re: Compaq CIM UG Overwrites Legal Notice CVE-1999-1356
NTBUGTRAQ:19991001 Vulnerabilities in the Internet Anywhere Mail Server CVE-1999-1236 CVE-1999-1500 CVE-2000-0016
NTBUGTRAQ:19991017 ICQ ActiveList Server Exploit... CVE-1999-1342
NTBUGTRAQ:19991104 Eserv 2.50 Web interface Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability CVE-1999-1509
NTBUGTRAQ:19991105 UPDATE: SSRT0620 Compaq Foundation Agents v4.40B PFCUser issues CVE-1999-1355
NTBUGTRAQ:19991107 Interscan VirusWall NT 3.23/3.3 buffer overflow. CVE-1999-1529
NTBUGTRAQ:19991108 Interscan VirusWall NT 3.23/3.3 buffer overflow. CVE-2001-0679
NTBUGTRAQ:19991108 Patch for VirusWall 3.23. CVE-1999-1529 CVE-2001-0679
NTBUGTRAQ:19991109 InterScan VirusWall 3.23/3.3 Buffer Overflow CVE-2001-0679
NTBUGTRAQ:19991110 Remote DoS Attack in QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d FTP Server Vulnerability CVE-1999-1539
NTBUGTRAQ:19991118 NT System Policy for Win95 Not downloaded when adding a space after domain name CVE-1999-0987
NTBUGTRAQ:19991122 Remote DoS Attack in Vermillion FTP Daemon (VFTPD) v1.23 Vulnerability CVE-1999-1058
NTBUGTRAQ:19991124 Remote DoS Attack in WorldClient Server v2.0.0.0 Vulnerability CVE-1999-0844
NTBUGTRAQ:19991125 Oracle Web Listener CVE-1999-1547
NTBUGTRAQ:19991129 Symantec Mail-Gear 1.0 Web interface Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability CVE-1999-0842
NTBUGTRAQ:19991130 NTmail and VRFY CVE-1999-0819
NTBUGTRAQ:19991130 SUBST problem CVE-1999-0824
NTBUGTRAQ:19991130 Windows NT Task Scheduler vulnerability allows user to administrator elevation CVE-1999-0839
NTBUGTRAQ:19991203 CommuniGatePro 3.1 for NT Buffer Overflow CVE-1999-0865
NTBUGTRAQ:19991205 new IE5 remote exploit CVE-1999-0989
NTBUGTRAQ:19991206 Remote DoS Attack in GoodTech Telnet Server NT v2.2.1 Vulnerability CVE-1999-0991
NTBUGTRAQ:19991213 Changing ACL's in Exchange Server CVE-1999-0993
NTBUGTRAQ:19991216 Infoseek Ultraseek Remote Buffer Overflow CVE-1999-0996
NTBUGTRAQ:19991221 Remote D.o.S Attack in DNS PRO v5.7 WinNT From FBLI Software Vulnerability CVE-2000-0020
NTBUGTRAQ:19991223 Local / Remote GET Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT CVE-2000-0002 CVE-2000-0004
NTBUGTRAQ:19991227 Local / Remote Remote DoS Attack in Rover POP3 Server V1.1 NT From aVirt CVE-2000-0060
NTBUGTRAQ:20000107 Winamp buffer overflow advisory CVE-2000-0049
NTBUGTRAQ:20000113 Local / Remote D.o.S Attack in Super Mail Transfer Package (SMTP) Server for WinNT Version 1.9x CVE-2000-0075
NTBUGTRAQ:20000115 Security Vulnerability with SMS 2.0 Remote Control CVE-2000-0100
NTBUGTRAQ:20000117 Remote Buffer Exploit - InetServ 3.0 CVE-2000-0065 CVE-2001-1294
NTBUGTRAQ:20000121 RDISK registry enumeration file vulnerability in Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition CVE-2000-0089
NTBUGTRAQ:20000121 Strange behaviour IIS and RegExp CVE-2000-0115
NTBUGTRAQ:20000127 Alert: MS IIS 4 / IS 2 (Cerberus Security Advisory CISADV000126) CVE-2000-0097
NTBUGTRAQ:20000129 "Strip Script Tags" in FW-1 can be circumvented CVE-2000-0116
NTBUGTRAQ:20000201 "Recycle Bin Creation" Vulnerability in Windows NT / Windows 2000 CVE-2000-0121
NTBUGTRAQ:20000202 Alert: IIS 4 / IS 2 IDQ Cerberus Information Security Advisory (CISADV000202) CVE-2000-0126
NTBUGTRAQ:20000203 2 MS Frontpage issues Cerberus Information Security Advisory (CISADV000203) CVE-2000-0122
NTBUGTRAQ:20000204 Local / Remote D.o.S Attack in Serv-U FTP-Server v2.5b for Win9x/WinNT Vulnerability CVE-2000-0129
NTBUGTRAQ:20000204 Windows Api SHGetPathFromIDList Buffer Overflow CVE-2000-0129
NTBUGTRAQ:20000210 remote DoS on Internet Anywhere Mail Server Ver.3.1.3 CVE-2000-0140
NTBUGTRAQ:20000215 Crashing Inetinfo.exe by using a longfilename in the \mailroot\pickup directory CVE-2000-0167
NTBUGTRAQ:20000229 mailbombing DoS easily exploitable against mail systems using MS mail clients. CVE-2000-0216
NTBUGTRAQ:20000301 ColdFusions application.cfm shows full path CVE-2000-0189
NTBUGTRAQ:20000313 AT Jobs - Denial of serice/Privilege Elevation CVE-2000-0197
NTBUGTRAQ:20000313 SOJOURN Search engine exposes files CVE-2000-0180
NTBUGTRAQ:20000314 Local / Remote Multiples Remote DoS Attacks in MERCUR v3.2* for Windows 98/NT Vulnerability CVE-2000-0198
NTBUGTRAQ:20000314 Oracle Web Listener 4.0.x CVE-2000-0169
NTBUGTRAQ:20000407 All Users startup folder left open if unattended install and OEMP reinstall=1 CVE-2000-0298
NTBUGTRAQ:20000413 Security problems with Atrium Mercur Mailserver 3.20 CVE-2000-0318
NTBUGTRAQ:20000501 Remote DoS attack in CASSANDRA NNTPServer v1.10 from ATRIUM CVE-2000-0341
NTBUGTRAQ:20000501 advisory - Win 95/98 DoS (RFParalyze.c) CVE-2000-0347
NTBUGTRAQ:20000510 Cold Fusion Server 4.5.1 DoS Vulnerability. CVE-2000-0410
NTBUGTRAQ:20000511 ISS SAVANT Advisory 00/26 CVE-2000-0420
NTBUGTRAQ:20000525 Alert: PDG Cart Overflows CVE-2000-0401
NTBUGTRAQ:20000529 ICQ Web Front Remote DoS Attack Vulnerability CVE-2000-0564
NTBUGTRAQ:20000604 anonymous SMBwriteX DoS CVE-2000-0544
NTBUGTRAQ:20000606 ICQ2000A ICQmail temparary internet link vulnearbility CVE-2000-0552
NTBUGTRAQ:20000608 DST2K0010: DoS & Path Revealing Vulnerability in Ceilidh v2.60a CVE-2000-0554 CVE-2000-0555
NTBUGTRAQ:20000608 DST2K0011: DoS & BufferOverrun in CMail v2.4.7 WebMail CVE-2000-0556 CVE-2000-0557
NTBUGTRAQ:20000608 DST2K0012: BufferOverrun in HP Openview Network Node Manager v6.1 CVE-2000-0558
NTBUGTRAQ:20000608 Potential vulnerability in Unify eWave ServletExec CVE-2000-0498
NTBUGTRAQ:20000612 BEA WebLogic JSP showcode vulnerability CVE-2000-0499
NTBUGTRAQ:20000612 IBM WebSphere JSP showcode vulnerability CVE-2000-0497
NTBUGTRAQ:20000616 Remote DoS Attack in Small HTTP Server ver. 1.212 Vulnerability CVE-2000-0484
NTBUGTRAQ:20000616 mdaemon WinNT and Win9x remote DoS CVE-2000-0501
NTBUGTRAQ:20000710 Two issues: Blackboard CourseInfo 4.0 stores admin password in clear text; strange settings on the winreg key. CVE-2000-0605
NTBUGTRAQ:20000711 Potential Vulnerability in McAfee Netshield and VirusScan 4.5 CVE-2000-0650
NTBUGTRAQ:20000713 IIS4 Basic authentication realm issue CVE-2000-0649
NTBUGTRAQ:20000717 DoS in Gamsoft TelSrv telnet server for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2k. CVE-2000-0665
NTBUGTRAQ:20000719 Alert: Buffer Overrun is O'Reilly WebsitePro httpd32.exe (CISADV000717) CVE-2000-0623
NTBUGTRAQ:20000729 TelSrv Reveals Usernames & Passwords After DoS Attack CVE-2000-0665
NTBUGTRAQ:20000809 Session hijacking in Alt-N's MDaemon 2.8 CVE-2000-0716
NTBUGTRAQ:20000816 Translate: f CVE-2000-0778
NTBUGTRAQ:20000817 Imail Web Service Remote DoS Attack v.2 CVE-2000-0825
NTBUGTRAQ:20000818 WebShield SMTP infinite loop DoS Attack CVE-2000-0738
NTBUGTRAQ:20000824 Remote DoS Attack in Pragma TelnetServer 2000 (Remote Execute Daemon) Vulnerability CVE-2000-0708
NTBUGTRAQ:20000825 DST2K0023: Directory Traversal Possible & Denial of Service in Wo rm HTTP Server CVE-2000-0731 CVE-2000-0732
NTBUGTRAQ:20000829 Re: [COVERT-2000-10] Windows NetBIOS Unsolicited Cache Corruption CVE-2000-1079
NTBUGTRAQ:20000921 Mitigators for possible exploit of Eudora via Guninski #21,2000 CVE-2000-0854
NTBUGTRAQ:20000926 FW: DOS for Content Technologies' MAILsweeper for SMTP. CVE-2000-0932
NTBUGTRAQ:20000926 IE 5.5/Outlook Express security vulnerability - GetObject() expose user's files CVE-2001-0149
NTBUGTRAQ:20000928 DST2K0037: QuotaAdvisor 4.1 by WQuinn is susceptible to alternati ve datastreams to bypass quotas. CVE-2000-0927
NTBUGTRAQ:20001012 Security issue with Compaq Easy Access Keyboard software CVE-2000-0946
NTBUGTRAQ:20001025 I-gear 3.5.x for Microsoft Proxy logging vulnerability + temporary fix. CVE-2000-1007
NTBUGTRAQ:20001103 Elevation of Privileges Exploit with McAfee VirusScan 4.5 CVE-2000-1128
NTBUGTRAQ:20001116 InoculateIT AV Option for MS Exchange Server CVE-1999-1368
NTBUGTRAQ:20001230 [DiamondCS Advisory] ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro can be blocked from loading by setting a Mutex in memory CVE-2001-0682
NTBUGTRAQ:20010327 CA CCC\Harvest exploit CVE-2001-0382
NTBUGTRAQ:20010712 Vulnerability in IE/Outlook ActiveX control CVE-2001-0538
NTBUGTRAQ:20010716 McAfee ASaP Virusscan - MyCIO HTTP Server Directory Traversal Vul nerability CVE-2001-1144
NTBUGTRAQ:20010718 Changing NT/2000 accounts password from the command line CVE-2001-1302
NTBUGTRAQ:20010802 Identix BioLogon Client security bug CVE-2001-1116
NTBUGTRAQ:20010808 Response to Identix BioLogon Client security bug CVE-2001-1116
NTBUGTRAQ:20011027 A GDI bug. CVE-2001-1560
NTBUGTRAQ:20011120 IIS logging issue CVE-2001-0902
NTBUGTRAQ:20011220 Multiple Remote Windows XP/ME/98 Vulnerabilities CVE-2001-0876 CVE-2001-0877
NTBUGTRAQ:20011226 Dangerous information in CentraOne log files - VENDOR RESPONSE CVE-2001-1550
NTBUGTRAQ:20020102 AIM addendum CVE-2002-0005
NTBUGTRAQ:20020102 w00w00 on AOL Instant Messenger (serious vulnerability) CVE-2002-0005
NTBUGTRAQ:20020108 PGP 7.0 Outlook Plug-in flaw CVE-2002-1696
NTBUGTRAQ:20020109 AOLserver 3.4.2 Unauthorized File Disclosure Vulnerability CVE-2002-0100
NTBUGTRAQ:20020109 Eserv 2.97 Password Protected File Arbitrary Read Access Vulnerability CVE-2002-0112
NTBUGTRAQ:20020109 Savant Webserver Buffer Overflow Vulnerability CVE-2002-0099
NTBUGTRAQ:20020113 Pi3Web Webserver v2.0 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability CVE-2002-0142
NTBUGTRAQ:20020203 PHP Safe Mode Filesystem Circumvention Problem CVE-2002-0229
NTBUGTRAQ:20020205 Re: PHP Safe Mode Filesystem Circumvention Problem CVE-2002-0229
NTBUGTRAQ:20020206 DW020203-PHP clarification CVE-2002-0229
NTBUGTRAQ:20020209 ALERT: ISS BlackICE Kernel Overflow Exploitable CVE-2002-0237
NTBUGTRAQ:20020211 Terminal doesn't lock after disconnect in Terminal Services CVE-2002-1749
NTBUGTRAQ:20020222 SecurityOffice Security Advisory:// Essentia Web Server Vulnerabilities (Vendor Patch) CVE-2002-0312
NTBUGTRAQ:20020227 PHP remote vulnerabilities CVE-2002-0081
NTBUGTRAQ:20020305 IIS Internal IP Address Disclosure (#NISR05032002B) CVE-2002-0422
NTBUGTRAQ:20020311 ADVISORY: Windows Shell Overflow CVE-2002-0070
NTBUGTRAQ:20020314 DebPloit (exploit) CVE-2002-0367
NTBUGTRAQ:2002032 Automatically opening IE + Executing attachments CVE-2002-1770
NTBUGTRAQ:20020430 Reading local files in Netscape 6 and Mozilla (GM#001-NS) CVE-2002-0354
NTBUGTRAQ:20020503 Macromedia Flash Activex Buffer overflow CVE-2002-0605
NTBUGTRAQ:20020524 Excel XP xml stylesheet problems CVE-2002-0618
NTBUGTRAQ:20020527 Reading ANY local file in Opera (GM#001-OP) CVE-2002-0898
NTBUGTRAQ:20020612 ADVISORY: Windows 2000 and NT4 IIS .HTR Remote Buffer Overflow CVE-2002-0364
NTBUGTRAQ:20020703 Buffer overflow and DoS i BIND CVE-2002-0651
NTBUGTRAQ:20020710 EEYE: Remote PGP Outlook Encryption Plug-in Vulnerability CVE-2002-0685
NTBUGTRAQ:20020710 Entercept Agent Password Exposure CVE-2002-1875
NTBUGTRAQ:20020725 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unauthenticated System Compromise (#NISR25072002) CVE-2002-0649 CVE-2002-0650 CVE-2002-0729
NTBUGTRAQ:20020801 Winhlp32.exe Remote BufferOverrun CVE-2002-0823
NTBUGTRAQ:20020805 VMware GSX Server 2.0.1 Release and Security Alert CVE-2002-0814
NTBUGTRAQ:20020808 Exploiting the Google toolbar (GM#001-MC) CVE-2002-1442 CVE-2002-1443
NTBUGTRAQ:20020815 Alert: Microsoft Security Bulletin - MS02-043 CVE-2002-0721
NTBUGTRAQ:20020815 SILLY BEHAVIOR : Internet Explorer 5.5 - 6.0 CVE-2002-0980
NTBUGTRAQ:20020816 Microsoft SQL Server Extended Stored Procdure privilege upgrade vulnerabilities (#NISR15002002A) CVE-2002-0721
NTBUGTRAQ:20020827 - Advisory 002 - mIRC $asctime overflow CVE-2002-1456
NTBUGTRAQ:20020914 Trillian .74 and below, ident flaw. CVE-2002-1486
NTBUGTRAQ:20020919 Trillian .73 & .74 "PRIVMSG" Overflow. CVE-2002-1486
NTBUGTRAQ:20021010 Outlook Express Remote Code Execution in Preview Pane (S/MIME) CVE-2002-1179
NTBUGTRAQ:20021010 Re: Problems applying MS02-058 CVE-2002-1179
NTBUGTRAQ:20021015 Internet Explorer : The D-Day CVE-2002-1217
NTBUGTRAQ:20021017 Microsoft SQL Server Webtasks privilege upgrade (#NISR17102002) CVE-2002-1145
NTBUGTRAQ:20021027 OE DBX Exposure CVE-2002-2202
NTBUGTRAQ:20021108 Technical information about unpatched MS Java vulnerabilities CVE-2002-1286 CVE-2002-1287 CVE-2002-1288 CVE-2002-1289 CVE-2002-1290 CVE-2002-1291 CVE-2002-1292 CVE-2002-1293 CVE-2002-1294 CVE-2002-1295
NTBUGTRAQ:20021125 Re: MS02-066 - fixes, gaps and incorrect statements CVE-2002-1262
NTBUGTRAQ:20021127 ASI Sybase Security Alert: Buffer overflow in DBCC CHECKVERIFY CVE-2002-2250
NTBUGTRAQ:20021127 ASI Sybase Security Alert: Buffer overflow in xp_freedll CVE-2002-2250
NTBUGTRAQ:20021129 CA InoculateIT 6.0 Realtime Scanner may fail to detect vira CVE-2002-2285
NTBUGTRAQ:20021203 New Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) Available CVE-2002-2126 CVE-2002-2127
NTBUGTRAQ:20021204 How to disable Fortres 4.1 CVE-2002-2275
NTBUGTRAQ:20021205 Notes on MS02-068, extensive downplaying of severity CVE-2002-1262
NTBUGTRAQ:20030130 Microsoft RPC Locator Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (#NISR29012003) CVE-2003-0003
NTBUGTRAQ:20030217 Domino Advisories UPDATE CVE-2003-0178 CVE-2003-0179
NTBUGTRAQ:20030217 Lotus Domino Web Server Host/Location Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (#NISR17022003a) CVE-2003-0178
NTBUGTRAQ:20030217 Lotus Domino Web Server iNotes Overflow (#NISR17022003b) CVE-2003-0178
NTBUGTRAQ:20030217 Lotus iNotes Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overrun (#NISR17022003c) CVE-2003-0179
NTBUGTRAQ:20030217 Oracle9i Application Server Format String Vulnerability (#NISR16022003d) CVE-2002-0842
NTBUGTRAQ:20030321 New attack vectors and a vulnerability dissection of MS03-007 CVE-2003-0109
NTBUGTRAQ:20030326 Corsaire Security Advisory - Symantec Enterprise Firewall (SEF) H TTP URL pattern evasion issue CVE-2003-0106
NTBUGTRAQ:20030418 Microsoft Active Server Pages DoS CVE-2003-0225
NTBUGTRAQ:20030424 NSFOCUS SA2003-04 : Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Web Management Interface of Cisco Secure ACS CVE-2003-0210
NTBUGTRAQ:20030429 Oracle Database Server Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (#NISR29042003) CVE-2003-0222
NTBUGTRAQ:20030507 Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in SLMail (#NISR07052003A) CVE-2003-0264
NTBUGTRAQ:20030507 Multiple Vulnerabilities in SLWebmail CVE-2003-0266 CVE-2003-0267 CVE-2003-0268
NTBUGTRAQ:20030507 Windows Media Player directory traversal vulnerability CVE-2003-0228
NTBUGTRAQ:20030513 Flooding Internet Explorer 6.0.2800 (6.x?) security zones ! - UPDATED CVE-2003-0309
NTBUGTRAQ:20030528 Internet Information Services 5.0 Denial of service CVE-2003-0226
NTBUGTRAQ:20030528 MS03-019: DoS or Code of Choice CVE-2003-0227
NTBUGTRAQ:20030528 Re: Alert: MS03-019, Microsoft... wrong, again. CVE-2003-0227
NTBUGTRAQ:20030530 NSFOCUS SA2003-05: Microsoft IIS ssinc.dll Over-long Filename Buffer Overflow Vulnerability CVE-2003-0224
NTBUGTRAQ:20030617 Cross-Site Scripting in Unparsable XML Files (GM#013-IE) CVE-2003-0446
NTBUGTRAQ:20030617 Script Injection to Custom HTTP Errors in Local Zone (GM#014-IE) CVE-2003-0447
NTBUGTRAQ:20030626 Windows Media Services Remote Command Execution #2 CVE-2003-0349
NTBUGTRAQ:20030703 [SNS Advisory No.65] Windows 2000 ShellExecute() API Let Applications to Cause Buffer Overflow CVE-2003-0503
NTBUGTRAQ:20030716 Microsoft ISA Server HTTP error handler XSS (TL#007) CVE-2003-0526
NTBUGTRAQ:20030723 Drivial Pursuit: Internet Explorer Browser & Your Files and Folders ! CVE-2003-0604
NTBUGTRAQ:20030723 Re: Drivial Pursuit: Internet Explorer Browser & Your Files and Folders ! CVE-2003-0604
NTBUGTRAQ:20030725 Oracle Extproc Buffer Overflow (#NISR25072003) CVE-2003-0634
NTBUGTRAQ:20030821 AppSecInc Security Alert: Buffer Overflow in UDP broadcasts for Microsoft SQL Server client utilities CVE-2003-0353
NTBUGTRAQ:20030907 BAD NEWS: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-032 CVE-2003-0838
NTBUGTRAQ:20031001 DNS/Hosts file issues CVE-2003-0838
NTBUGTRAQ:20031010 Bad news on RPC DCOM vulnerability CVE-2003-0813
NTBUGTRAQ:20031015 Buffer Overflow in AOL Instant Messager CVE-2003-1503
NTBUGTRAQ:20031015 mIRC Buffer Overflow in irc protocol handler CVE-2003-1336
NTBUGTRAQ:20031016 Listbox And Combobox Control Buffer Overflow CVE-2003-0659
NTBUGTRAQ:20031016 Microsoft Local Troubleshooter ActiveX control buffer overflow CVE-2003-0662
NTBUGTRAQ:20031016 Microsoft PCHealth 2003/XP Buffer Overflow (#NISR15102003) CVE-2003-0711
NTBUGTRAQ:20031112 Frontpage Extensions Remote Command Execution CVE-2003-0822
NTBUGTRAQ:20031114 Exchange 2003 OWA major security flaw CVE-2003-0904
NTBUGTRAQ:20031227 AQ-2003-02: Microsoft IIS Logging Failure CVE-2003-1566 CVE-2003-1567
NTBUGTRAQ:20040210 EEYE: Microsoft ASN.1 Library Bit String Heap Corruption CVE-2003-0818
NTBUGTRAQ:20040210 EEYE: Microsoft ASN.1 Library Length Overflow Heap Corruption CVE-2003-0818
NTBUGTRAQ:20040425 McAfee VirusScan installer uses insecure ActiveX controls CVE-2004-2635
NTBUGTRAQ:20040502 EEYE: Apple QuickTime (QuickTime.qts) Heap Overflow CVE-2004-0431
NTBUGTRAQ:20040503 Serv-U LIST -l Parameter Buffer Overflow CVE-2004-1992
NTBUGTRAQ:20040604 RE: PING: Outlook 2003 Spam CVE-2004-0501 CVE-2004-0502
NTBUGTRAQ:20040914 Security bug in .NET Forms Authentication CVE-2004-0847
NTBUGTRAQ:20041020 How to Break Windows XP SP2 + Internet Explorer 6 SP2 CVE-2004-0985
NTBUGTRAQ:20041113 Eudora 6.2 attachment spoof CVE-2004-1521
NTBUGTRAQ:20041123 Winamp - Buffer Overflow In IN_CDDA.dll CVE-2004-1119
NTBUGTRAQ:20041124 Winamp - Buffer Overflow In IN_CDDA.dll [Unpatched] CVE-2004-1119
NTBUGTRAQ:20041128 Address Bar Spoofing on Double Byte Character Set Locale Vulnerability (CAN-2004-0844) Patched in MS04-038 CVE-2004-0844
NTBUGTRAQ:20041210 HOW TO BREAK XP SP2 POPUP BLOCKER: kick it in the nut ! CVE-2004-1173
NTBUGTRAQ:20050112 Veritas Backup Exec Name Service Remote Universal Exploit CVE-2004-1172
NTBUGTRAQ:20050119 Microsoft Internet Explorer Install Engine Control Buffer Overflow (#NISR19012005a) CVE-2004-0216
NTBUGTRAQ:20050119 RealPlayer 'ShowPreferences' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (#NISR19012005e) CVE-2005-0189
NTBUGTRAQ:20050209 EEYE: Windows SMB Client Transaction Response Handling Vulnerability CVE-2005-0045
NTBUGTRAQ:20050516 Windows (XP, 2k3, Longhorn) is vulnerable to IpV6 Land attack. CVE-2005-1649
NTBUGTRAQ:20050807 Eh? Oh well....Flaws in AOL software, and accountability. Patch available for one of the two. CVE-2005-2597
NTBUGTRAQ:Jan27,1999 CVE-1999-0348 CVE-1999-0354
NTBUGTRAQ:Jan29,1999 CVE-1999-0360
NTBUGTRAQ:SLmail 3.2 Build 3113 (Web Administration Security Fix) CVE-1999-0380
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