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RE: Notice of Pilot Activity in CVE Auto WG - Supporting NVD's Participation


Looking at the discussion of "source" in the draft, I feel it's better 
to use something else for references - most source names are not 
associated with CNAs, and some, such as MISC, MLIST, and CONFIRM, are 
not even associated with a single site.


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Subject: Re: Notice of Pilot Activity in CVE Auto WG - Supporting NVD's 

On 3/1/18 4:51 AM, Theall, George A wrote:

> - "source", which represents the source of the reference. It will 
> have 
> one of the values listed at https://cve.mitre.org/data/refs/#sources
> eg, "CERT-VN", "CISCO", "CONFIRM", "REDHAT", etc.

"source" is already defined in the JSON v4 as an object, meant to be 
used for such purposes:


If there is a CNA ID, use that instead of "REDHAT" or "CISCO"

  references: {
    reference_data: [
        name : "RedHat Security Advisory RHSA-2018:0151"
        url: "https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2018:0151";,
        source : {
                CNA_ID: "CNA-72a82740-9249-4699-8803-5c4e4b590ce8",

> - "name", which is a string that helps identify the reference among 
> others in the same source; eg, "VU#584653" (for CERT-CC), "20180104 
> CPU Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities" (for 
> "CISCO") 
> "RHSA-2018:0292" (for "REDHAT"), etc. Note that, while MITRE uses the 
> reference URL as the name for the "CONFIRM" and "MISC" sources in the 
> CVE List, we plan to omit this attribute for those two sources.

This is OK. I remember seeing some CNAs already use this field.

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