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Re: Acceptable references

I would also add one note: in some situations  a video can be a useful
reference, but outside of some real corner cases I think the video
reference should be in addition to a good written reference, the video
should not be "primary" reference where possible (and I can't think of
a corner cases.. but having said that I assume a black swan exists

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Millar, Thomas
<Thomas.Millar@hq.dhs.gov> wrote:
> I’m in favor of the idea. I’ve become a bit of an accessibility 
> zealot over
> the last few years.
> Tom Millar, US-CERT
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> Subject: Acceptable references
> So I've had a bunch of people reference youtube videos now, rather 
> then
> write the issue up they screen record it and post it to youtube. My 
> concerns
> are:
> 1) This is really a pain in the butt, I don't want to watch a 5-10 
> minute
> video, then freeze it, manually type what I see on the screen so I can
> Google it, etc.
> 2) This is really inaccessible to people who are blind (can't use a 
> screen
> reader for screen text in a youtube video, at least not yet, maybe 
> one day
> with better AI/ML...). I would like CVE to be accessible. Also 
> improving
> accessibility for people with disabilities just generally makes life 
> easier
> for everyone.
> I would like to suggest we minimally specify guidelines for 
> referencer URLs
> and ideally rules that would basically boil down to:
> It must be publicly accessible (e.g. no need to pay for access), 
> written in
> text, and not DRM protected.
> Do we also require the ability to cut and paste? E.g. PDF controls, 
> some
> websites that use funky JavaScript to prevent that? I would vote.. 
> yes. This
> also solves the "it's kind of text.. a JPG image of a screen shot of 
> the
> original content". Setting cut and paste as a thresh hold would 
> essentially
> prevent many problems.
> --
> Kurt Seifried
> kurt@seifried.org


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