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RE: Acceptable references

I’m in favor of the idea. I’ve become a bit of an accessibility zealot over the last few years.

Tom Millar, US-CERT

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Subject: Acceptable references

So I've had a bunch of people reference youtube videos now, rather then write the issue up they screen record it and post it to youtube. My concerns are:

1) This is really a pain in the butt, I don't want to watch a 5-10 minute video, then freeze it, manually type what I see on the screen so I can Google it, etc. 
2) This is really inaccessible to people who are blind (can't use a screen reader for screen text in a youtube video, at least not yet, maybe one day with better AI/ML...). I would like CVE to be accessible. Also improving accessibility for people with disabilities just generally makes life easier for everyone. 

I would like to suggest we minimally specify guidelines for referencer URLs and ideally rules that would basically boil down to:

It must be publicly accessible (e.g. no need to pay for access), written in text, and not DRM protected.

Do we also require the ability to cut and paste? E.g. PDF controls, some websites that use funky _javascript_ to prevent that? I would vote.. yes. This also solves the "it's kind of text.. a JPG image of a screen shot of the original content". Setting cut and paste as a thresh hold would essentially prevent many problems. 

Kurt Seifried

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