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Some SWID Tag Resources

Here are some software identification (SWID) tag resources:

- Some general resources: https://scap.nist.gov/specifications/swid/

- NISTIR 8060 provides an overview of the capabilities and usage of 
SWID tags. It also provides requirements for SWID tags that enable 
various cybersecurity use cases.


- There is the CoSWID draft nearing completion in the IETF which 
defines an alternate serialization to the SWID tag XML format to 
support devices that may require a smaller tag footprint.


- NIST has produced a Java-based command-line SWID tag validator based 
on NISTIR 8060 and ISO/IEC 19770-2:2015. This tool can also be invoked 
by API. I plan to open source the tool and the Decima library which 
provides the validation functionality.

https://scap.nist.gov/specifications/swid/ (under "SWID Tag Validation 


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