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List of Vulnerability related standards



This is a draft document with references to vulnerability management related standards.  I am sending this out today as this will be input in Osaka at the 2nd Global Vulnerability Identification and Reporting Summit. It is being held in conjunction with the Osaka 2018 FIRST Technical Colloquium.  I would like to encourage as many here as possible to participate in the summit. This will be a working summit in hopes of making progress towards bringing many of these standards together into a global vulnerability information system.  Lofty goals but the 1st summit had a positive impact and we are hoping this one will as well.


Additionally, this is a draft and a simple list of efforts. Any contributions you can make to improving it by adding other applicable standards and efforts would be greatly appreciated.


Action Item completed. ;-)


Thank you, Gracias, Grazie,  谢谢, Merci!, Спасибо!, Danke!ありがとうधन्यवाद!



Kent Landfield




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