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Proposed CNA Summit February 13-14, 2018



MITRE plans to host the next CNA Summit February 13-14, 2018, at their McLean, VA, site. We welcome direct participation from the Board, and we would like to hear what you want discussed at the Summit or would like to present or share at the Summit.


Our initial thoughts on items for the agenda include:

- A CVE program update, including a discussion of the trajectory of the program and the CNA role in that plan. The Strategic Planning WG can use this as an opportunity to discuss their specific work.

- A Q&A session on Counting.

- A technical discussion of formats and methods for sending assignment information into CVE.

- A training discussion: what do CNAs need? What training information could be presented better?

- A specific discussion of international challenges, if we have sufficient attendance from our international peers.

- An evening social (of course).


What else would you like to see discussed? What discussion or topic would you yourself like to present on?


We would like to announce this date to the CNAs early next week. Unless there are any objections to the date and location, we will announce a "save the date" and call for presentations to the CNA list by Oct 4th.


Note: The date was chosen based on a few factors, including availability of facilities at MITRE McLean, proximity in time to other larger conferences, and avoidance of the December/January holidays and travel complications. We also wanted to give our international peers some extra time to get whatever clearances they might need.






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