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Re: On the topic of MITRE/Board transparency


On Thu, 11 May 2017, Scott Lawler wrote:

: I share the concerns about more transparency being needed.  That's a 
: pretty clear issue.
: However, there's also another side of the coin to consider.  The 
: is here to help MITRE respond to requests like this too.

: Personally, I'll commit some time to help craft the response to 
: if needed.  At a minimum, we can help edit a rough draft provided by 
: MITRE.  Did MITRE already respond to this request or not?
: Just let us know what you need and we will help.

That requires MITRE be transparent to begin with. That isn't "another 
of the coin" really. If they are transparent, they bring it the board, 
we do our 'advisory role' collectively. Your wording implies that board 
failed somehow, when we weren't given any of that information until I 
brought it up, to the pain and headache of MITRE. I forced their hand, 
after giving them almost three weeks to bring it up despite my "two 
deadline. If that isn't a real picture into how MITRE operates, and how 
they see the value of the board? Not sure what is.


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