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RE: CNA Rules Announcement

Solution:  Assign a master/primary/original CVE for the 
"POODLE for TLS" vulnerability, and then assign CVEs as needed 
for all affected products-vendors.  Each of these "secondary" 
POODLE CVEs should reference/"hashtag" the primary POODLE CVE 
in their description.

Ken Williams
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> Subject: Re: CNA Rules Announcement
> > Moving forward sure, but retroactively trying to enforce that for an
> issue
> > that is already abstracted to some degree does not work.
> Agreed. We need a statement or rule on the interaction between new
> assignments and assignments based on previous rules.
> If we discover a new product with "POODLE for TLS" vulnerability:
>  (a) do we assign a new CVE id with its use limited to that product
> alone (old rule)?
>  (b) use CVE-2014-8730 (based on INC5 and Appendix E rules)?
>  (c) assign a new CVE entirely for the "POODLE for TLS" vulnerability?
> > Not sure every scanner does that. There is a lot of value in having 
> > a
> > per-vendor finding in that case, else that single finding will come 
> > with
> a
> > list of 250+ advisories that are not easily distinguished from each
> other,
> > that carry the solution.
> We can not solve that problem by assigning 250+ different CVEs for a
> common vulnerability. That would be like going back to pre-CVE era,
> isn't it?
> What if the product-vendor being scanned had never produced an 
> advisory
> or fix for the 'POODLE for TLS' issue? Which of the many CVEs should 
> the
> scanner use to reference that unique issue?
> Thanks,
> -Chandan
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