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Re: CVE program priorities

On 2016-01-30 11:02, Pascal Meunier wrote:
> Art,
> 	I understand the point about how the premature discussion of solutions 
> - with an intent to implement - can preclude or obscure a 
> better-inspired perspective.  However, I find that a comment in the link 
> you provided, by " Comment author: Eddieosh " about TRIZ resonates with 
> me.  I believe it would be productive and useful to "write the solutions 
> down (rather than be diverted by them or try to bat them away), use them 
> to help examine the problem a bit more and then carry on until you have 
> enough information to make useful judgments about all the solutions 
> you've generated".

Had not heard of TRIZ (remember, I'm not really a process person :), thanks.

And I'm not claiming my suggestion should be the one and only way, but
given what we're trying to deal with, I want some sort of process to
follow, at least 80%, and also to avoid "distracted by solutions"
syndrome.  Keeping track of solutions and backing into what they say
about the problem sounds reasonable, but it might take some discipline.

> I also want to suggest that more than one iteration of "use cases, 
> problems, solutions" may be necessary.  The CVE seems like it is needed 
> for many different processes that different people are trying to get 
> done, however in somewhat different ways and with different 
> requirements.  Those are your use cases.  How can we know if all use 
> cases have been captured, and captured correctly?

There are certainly more than one use case for CVE, and I'm not even
sure we (the board) can describe all of them.  Survey?

> I'm glad you mentioned "work leading up to the meeting".  I think there 
> hasn't been enough for a meeting to produce a list of actionable 
> recommendations or resolutions.  Deciding on a date and duration seems 
> premature when so little of this work has been done, unless having a 
> deadline is a necessary motivating factor.

The deadline motivator might be needed?  But I'd still want some
process/agenda sorted out in advance and some input (Kent started a list
of issues).  Ideally goals/output, but I'm not sure what those should be.


 - Art

> On 01/29/2016 04:46 PM, Art Manion wrote:

>>>    "Do not propose solutions until the problem has been discussed as
>>> thoroughly as possible without suggesting any."
>>>    http://lesswrong.com/lw/ka/hold_off_on_proposing_solutions/

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