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RE: Board list archive not updating

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015, Christey, Steven M. wrote:

: The public archives on cve.mitre.org are updated through a separate, 
: manual process that is disassociated from e-mail delivery itself.  I 
: have never censored or removed posts during this process.  But, as you 
: have noticed, we do not update the archives regularly.
: What type of update frequency do Board members expect to see?  Do Board 
: members support using external archival services?  (Other MITRE projects 
: used Nabble, for example.)

I expect the mail list to be archived publicly in a timely fashion. It 
doesn't matter what technology is used to accomplish this.

The public posting of the list traffic is the only method of transparency 
available to the community, which is critical to our integrity as a board 
guiding an industry cornerstone in vulnerability tracking.


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