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RE: Board list archive not updating

Jericho said:

> ^ Nothing since April is being archived on the web site. In addition to
> the most recent thread regarding email delivery issues, there was traffic
> two months ago that should have been archived:
> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:33:58 +0000
> Subject: Proposed final CVE Board Governance documents
> Can MITRE please look into what is happening with this list? Between the
> archiving and list delivery problems, this is serious. Given how low
> traffic the board is, any disruption threatens the limited communication
> we have.

The public archives on cve.mitre.org are updated through a separate, manual process that is disassociated from e-mail delivery itself.  I have never censored or removed posts during this process.  But, as you have noticed, we do not update the archives regularly.

What type of update frequency do Board members expect to see?  Do Board members support using external archival services?  (Other MITRE projects used Nabble, for example.)

The archives will be updated later today so that Board members can view previous posts that they did not receive.

We are still investigating the delivery problem.

- Steve

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