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Re: Any problems posting to this list? please respond

On 2015-08-30 23:20, Christey, Steven M. wrote:

> 1. Starting Friday August 28, has anybody received posts to this list
> from Brian Martin (Jericho) and Kent Landfield?  Kent, did you see
> Brian's posts?  Brian, did you see Kent's post?

Received one message from Kent and only one from Jericho (2:14 AM Sunday).

> 2. Did anybody receive this message?


> Another Board member, Jericho (Brian Martin of Tenable), made at
> least three posts to this list recently - two at approximately 1:53
> and 2:08 AM (Eastern) Saturday, and another at 2:16 AM Sunday,
> according to my inbox.  I also saw these posts.

I only see one message from Jericho, not three.

 - Art

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