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Re: MS-Word versions of draft Editorial Board governance documents [Was: Two draft Editorial Board governance documents for review and comment]

In the add/remove board members doc:

> MITRE, as the moderator of the Editorial Board, reserves the right to remove Board members. Removal may be based on:
> 	The individual displays lack of participation.
> 	The individual displays a lack of collegiality or professional conduct.
> 	The individual no longer works in vulnerability-related field.

Mild suggestion, might want to quantify (or at least estimate) "lack of
participation."  Not attending X board meetings per time period?  Lack
of substantive contribution to discussion for time period?

About board member roles:

> Note that some members may have more than one role on the Editorial Board. However, all members have only one primary role.

I'm not sure I understand the need for members to have a specific
primary role, but no issues with the descriptions and expectations.
Also this URL returns a 404:



 - Art

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