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MS-Word versions of draft Editorial Board governance documents [Was: Two draft Editorial Board governance documents for review and comment]

Some people have asked us for editable versions of the two Editorial
Board governance document drafts we recently sent out for your
review and comments. Attached please find MS-Word (.docx) versions
of both documents for your review and comments.

We appreciate your time and attention reviewing the drafts, and we 
want to thank those of you who have already provided your comments.

As we requested in the original transmittance email:
- Please review the documents and send us your comments before April 13th. 
- If you do not have any comments or suggestions, a quick email to us 
   saying so will record the fact that you have read and reviewed the drafts.

Best Regards,

Adding and Removing CVE Editorial Board Members.docx

CVE Editorial Board Member Roles Tasks andQualifications.docx

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