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RE: MS-Word versions of draft Editorial Board governance documents[Was: Two draft Editorial Board governance documents for review andcomment]

: Adding and Removing CVE Editorial Board Members
: -----------------------------------------------------------------
: - Section 4 - Regarding the "lack of collegiality or professional 
: conduct" phrasing - would it be overkill to formalize a Code of Conduct?  
: Since some prominent security or developer conferences, and even the 
: combative Linux kernel team, are beginning to adopt codes of conduct, it 
: might be useful for the CVE Editorial Board to demonstrate industry 
: leadership by doing the same.

If so, that code should also include conduct that is clearly not in the 
interest of CVE and the industry, rather it is clearly for the benefit of 
the company they represent. That is far more harmful than colorful 
language calling someone out.

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