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RE: Initial Guidance on Linux Issues

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> FUNDING IS NOT THE ISSUE - I really, really, really want to keep funding
> levels out of this discussion as much as possible and keep this focused on
> prioritization and relevance. We've asked if it is required to give full
> coverage for all vulnerabilities disclosed in the following 4 Linux distros:
> Debian, Red Hat, Attachmate: SUSE and Ubuntu (Linux).  Mark has argued
> that for Red Hat, the answer is yes.  What about the other three?

From our customers' perspective, there is a definite preference for having full CVE coverage for the following in prioritised order:
Status: O

* Red Hat (specifically RHEL Server - our customers have limited interest in e.g. the desktop solutions and Fedora. A full coverage focus could, therefore, be on RHELS only).
* SUSE (both SLES and openSUSE - interest for e.g. SLED is limited)
* Debian
* Ubuntu


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